Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Diary of War

1914 August 8th  

Dear diary,
I got shot because I didn’t take cover.
Because I wasn’t paying attention and I was panicking.
There was no cover in the desert.
I was lost in my own world because I was worried about my  Family.

In the war, I broke my leg and it was hurting.
Someone broke my bone and when I sat on the wooden chair my leg was in pain.

The food that I had was the same food every day.
A hard spoon and rusty bowl that was never washed
And gooey porridge with milk.

I can’t have a shower because they won’t allow
Showers and one shower had a big bad BOOM!.

The war had tanks everywhere and people SHOUTING saying” COME HERE,
.But I was just standing in a spot. I felt like I
was a robot standing in a spot not talking to anyone around me.

COME someone get water help were her friend. . . 5 MINUTES LATER . . . “she’s her boss,”
says Tom.
“WHAT happened I got a call from tom saying that something happened to my friend,”
says Sam.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FRIEND,”  says Sam again. “someone shot her and took Her I the
said boss crying.

That’s why a BOOM! a noise came from the Corner on the left and that's where
the tanks are
but we can’t go because the war starts at about an hour say’s the A Sam.


The Sea Devil